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A Brief Description About
Medical Yoga


Our Consultation Process


Evaluation of root cause of health problem for lasting cure.

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Diagnosis of the health problem according to ICD 10 Classification and lab reports.

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A customized treatment planfor holistic well being.

Medical Yoga Courses

Psycho analysis with Counseling

Yoga for Individual


  •  Duration: 1 hr
  •  Indian Citizen: INR 1000/-
  •  Others: $ 40/-
  • MEDICAL YOGA CONSULTATION Duration: 1 hr ,Indian Citizen: INR 1000/- ,Others: $ 40/-

Introductory Yoga

Course Fee: Indian Citizen: INR 100/- , Others: $ 20/-

  •  Duration: 1 hr
  •  Day: 1
  •  Day: Friday only
  •  Time: 8 pm : 9pm
  •  Participants: Unlimited

Basic Course

Course Fee (per day) Indian Citizen: INR 500/- ,Others: $ 20/-

  •  Duration: 1 hr
  •  Day: 4
  •  Day: Saturday only
  •  Time: 8 pm : 9pm
  •  Participants: Unlimited

Advanced Course

Course Fee (per day) Indian Citizen: INR 1000/- ,Others: $ 40/-

  •  Duration: 1 hr
  •  Day: 4
  •  Day: Friday only
  •  Time: 8 pm : 9pm
  •  Participants: Unlimited
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Frequently Asked Question

Yoga is the physical, mental and spiritual practices or disciplines that aim to transform the body and mind. It aims at promoting health and keeping body in optimum condition by bringing perfect co-ordination of different bodily functions, physical and mental cleansing and strengthening.


Physical fitness

Toning of internal organs

Quality life

Effective for all chronic ailments

Raises immunity

Mental power

Improved Concentration and memory

Enhances self confidence and esteem

Spiritual tranquillity

Free from stress, anxiety, fear etc

Better mood and sleep

Intellectual enlightenment

In modern practical sense, Yoga can be defined as the technology to make an ordinary human being to a refined being with ultimate powers – a Sanskar (personality) Re- Engineering. Our body and mind are under electrical control through nervous system and chemical control through endocrine system (hormones). Physical and mental yoga practices aid the deranged nervous and endocrine system into perfect co- ordination, enhancing whole bodily functions collectively.


Meet Our Specialists

All our support staff are exceptionally skilled and trained to assist you with all medical enquiries.