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Psychological Health

How can we help you? Some of the issue that we specialize in are:

PERSONAL: Lack of confidence, anger management, bereavement, loneliness and depression, shyness, sexual concerns, overcoming habits (smoking, pornography, alcohol, drugs), traumatic past experiences, personality development, behavioral problems, conduct disorders etc.
RELATIONSHIP: Marriage (frequent conflicts, unmet expectations, in-law concerns, infidelity, sexual difficulties, deciding to have a baby, child care), and pre-marital issues, relationships with friends of same and opposite sex, break-up of romantic relationships, family concerns, lack of assertiveness
WORK: Relationship with boss and colleagues, lack of motivation and concentration, career growth and performance concerns, work-life balance, stress, harassment, time management, fear of speaking in meetings, handling shift work.
CHILD HOOD PROBLEMS: Hyper activity, sibling rivalry, gloominess, pressure at school and from parents, bullying, relation with friends and teachers, handling teenagers. IQ assessment for kids can be done here so that proper diagnosis and treatment to the point.
OLD AGE PROBLEMS: Depression, feeling of being neglected, mental trauma associated with degenerative disease
(We do not provide legal or financial assistance. This is not a complete list; intended to give you a general idea only)
Advantages of online counselling:
• Convenient at any time ,any place
• Anonymity is protected
• Flexible
• Easy accessibility
• More cost and time effective

We are happy to lend an ear. Life doesn’t treat everyone in the same manner or rather we react to lives challenges in different way. There is nothing to be ashamed of the way you react / not react to different circumstances because each individual is unique and priceless.

What is counselling?
Counselling is a process in which regular discussions and sharing of thoughts, fears and feelings with a trained counselor can help you to understand and resolve what is troubling you whether it comes from circumstances, other people, or yourself. It can therefore assist you to make decisions or changes which could enable you to lead your life more fully.

Who can be benefited?
Any normal person who is facing a difficult situation and is in a dilemma as to how to face the problem. Resorting to counselling is definitely not a sign of weakness but a sensible recognition as to when help is needed. Even the best counselors sometimes need counselling.

Online Unique Counselling
Online counselling is communicating to a qualified professional your problems via chat, email or other online methods. If you like to speak to us you can through a microphone, or want to see face to face we could do video calling or if the anonymity is to be maintained stay connected through emails. Yes! Choice is of course yours. In certain cases mere counselling may not suffice hence we couple it with homeopathic medicines.

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