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Life Style Management

Always prevention is better than cure.

We can prevent many diseases & can make your body perfect by following few simple steps

  •  Brush teeth
  • Good oil bath
  • Comb hair
  • Trim nails
  • Regular open air exercises
  • Neat cloths
  • Organic & fresh Vegetables and fruits
  •  8 glasses of clean water daily
  • Hygienic ambiance especially wash room and kitchen
  • And lastly a contented & happy mindset

Proper management of life style definitely improves the quality of life. Proper exercise, proper breathing and proper thinking is also essential for keeping positive health. The retrograde steps taken in the name of style and comfort has already taken the toll in the form of poor physical and mental health.

Rise & Shine

To start with, ”early to bed and early to rise” was an old dictum, which has been completely forgotten by the present generation. Nowadays people go to bed as late as possible and get up as late as possible. This has to be changed. Nature intended man to work for 8 hours when the sun shines, take rest and recreation for 8 hours and sound sleep for 8 hours at night. This time schedule of working, resting and sleeping is essential for harmonization of circadian rhythm.

Cleansing teeth

Naturally available materials can do better for cleaning teeth instead of modern tooth paste available in the market. A soft brush should be used properly to clean the teeth, flossing to clean the inter space of teeth and gum massage has to be done properly.


An early morning bath is highly recommended for physical and mental conditioning. Whole body oil bath with self massage at least twice a week or preferably on alternate days or daily at home. A good scrubbing is recommended. Better if you do dry brushing to shed off dead cells before water bath. Make sure to scrub off dirt from toes and heels.

Environmental Hygiene

Its as important as your personal hygiene because it plays an important factor to prevent spread of disease.


Non irritating nutritious vegetarian food rich in fiber, in moderation is recommended. Brown rice with bran is better than white rice. Wheat is also good. Non – vegetarian food is not essential for keeping us healthy. The biggest and strongest animal on the face of the earth is elephant, which is a strict vegetarian. Some kind of fruits should be included in the daily menu. Always chew thoroughly as first step of digestion starts in the mouth. Breaking down of carbohydrates happens in mouth by Salivary Amylase enzyme present in saliva. Never drink water while having food as it will dilute enzymes for proper digestion. You can have it before or after food with at least  1o minutes gap.


A must for your physical and mental fitness. Simple walking or jogging can do well if you don’t have time for other exercises.


Always think positive and quality productive thoughts. keep no revenge to anyone as it will do more harm to your mind and body than the person whom you have revenge. Live like you have only few days of life, by enjoying each & every minute. Do your responsibilities, enjoy music or any hobbies you have and always keep time with your family and friends to talk with. Before going bed just keep sometime to think how you can make next day better than today.


Sleeping in the pitch darkness is essential for the feel – good hormones like Serotonin and Melatonin to secrete. Now take few deep breath and think only good because while you are about to sleep, whatever you think will go to subconscious mind. Solve that day problems before sleep so that you will get good undisturbed sleep which is essential for health and longevity.

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